Blue Stairs and Sunshine

by Shi

I finished the second coat of paint on the staircase this morning.
The color is La Fonda Deep Blue, from Valspar’s Historic Preservation colors.
Love it.
I used the No-Skid paint, as the stairs were really slippery from the previous paint (“Handsome” almost had a run in with them a few days ago, before they were freshly painted. Thankfully, he was only a few steps from the bottom, and caught himself), which was a satin paint for walls.

The afternoon warmed up nicely today, so “Punkin'” and I spent time outside in the sun, while “Handsome” spent time at Lowes (were we’ve been to pretty much everyday upon arrival here).
While wandering around outside, “Punkin'” caught sight of a large Monarch butterfly. She watched quietly as it went flitting back and forth between some of the last dandelion blossoms of the year.
As we were headed into the house, our neighbors (mother and 1 of 5 daughters) came by to welcome us and introduce themselves, bringing a basket with homemade bread, jam and a board book of farm animals for “Punkin'”.

Tomorrow is the first day of work for “Handsome” at his new job. It’s been so nice having him all to ourselves these last two weeks…