Quiet Moments

by Shi

I love mornings here.
“Punkin” wakes up early, and the first thing she does is yawn and smile at me.
Then she turns her head to the window, as I pull her closer and into the crook of my arm.
We lay there watching the soft light slowly fill the room, and the last orange leaves on the maple tree shake in the wind…

A thick fog rolled in yesterday afternoon, completely hiding the surrounding landscape, and making the neighbor’s houses look like soft illusions from our windows.

It had been raining on and off since yesterday, this morning the birds chirping in the trees and flitting around as though it were a Spring storm.
But they have since ceased their singing, as the first snow of this season is coming down fast and furious.
What started out as tiny, icy crystals has now become thick, wet flakes that make the ground look like it’s been powdered with sugar, and will soon form a layer of pure white.