Adventures from the Little Yellow House

or Life on the Not So Little Hill

Our First Home Sweet Home

Yesterday, after 2 hours of paper signing, and a small meltdown from “Punkin'” (due to too many strange people, needing to nurse, and needing a nap), we are officially owners of our little yellow house. Hurray!!


Time’s Fun When Your Having Flies

I just realized it’s been almost a month since my last post – oh how quickly time goes by (and yes I do realize the title of this post is backwards)!!

We have finally gotten snow that has stuck for more than a few hours, albeit only an inch or so.
I have to say, moving here, “Handsome” and I expected snow (that sticks) much earlier, and have been a little disappointed at the lack of fluffy whiteness…

“Punkin'” is growing so fast – close to 6 1/2 months now – and is desperate to crawl, but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.
She discovered shadows today, when we went upstairs to put some things away.
The afternoon sun was coming through our bedroom window, casting a shadow of the window on the wall behind our bed.
As we walked by the window, she noticed our shadows move across the wall.
Setting her on the pillow on the bed, I snapped a few pictures…

And since we are on the topic of discoveries, here’s my little discovery of the day – chewy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate oatmeal cookies (sans gluten, dairy and eggs)…

From Such Great Heights

We walked to the top of the hill beside our house yesterday afternoon, “Punkin'” and I.
It was an interesting little walk.
The fields around the house haven’t been tended in years, and the weeds growing are as tall as me (which isn’t saying much, I know) in most places.
The ground was soggy from rain the day before, as well as from the old pond we found out we had in part of our field.
It is just marsh right now, but we hope to get it dredged out and restored to pond status.
There was a lot of dill weed growing – I could smell it in the places I stepped.
It was sharp and fresh in contrast to the sweet grasses, the musky weeds and the mud.
“Punkin'” was wrapped up nicely in her sling, enjoying being outside in the cool, foggy weather.
The views from the hill were beautiful…

Our FieldOur property is from end to end, between the weeds in the foreground, and the closer treeline in the background.
Our house is to the right-hand side (though not pictured).

Lights & Reflections


Lights that Tim put up the other day when it snowed.
I love sitting in the front rooms while Chloe is nursing and just looking out the windows.
It’s calm and peaceful…

Winter for a Day

It snowed two days ago.
Since most of the windows are old double-pane glass, they get foggy when it’s cold out.

Front windowOne of the windows in the front rooms.

SnowSnow on the laundry room window sill.

SnowSide/back yard from the laundry room.

It’s gone back to being in the mid-fifties again, so all the snow is gone.
Crazy weather. The day before it snowed it was almost seventy degrees out!!
One of these days Winter will decide it’s time to stay for a bit…

…the big red barn, in the great green field…

The barnThe barnBarn windowLower levelWasp nests in beamStone foundationUpper levelUpper levelUpper level beamsPeephole

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